Food Security, Garden Winter Clean-Up & Release Aging People From Prison

Greetings Maroon supporters,

We’re back with our monthly newsletter on behalf of U.S.-held political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz. Many thanks and much respect for your continued support and solidarity as we push on in the struggle to free Maroon.

This month, we bring you Maroon’s latest essay, which explores the importance of food security, especially among working class people, in the era of climate chaos; an invitation to the winter clean-up at Maroon’s urban garden in Philadelphia on the morning of Sunday, December 6; and updates on ongoing efforts to release aging prisoners in the U.S.

 Maroon and younger sister Muriel Adam-El's first time together in over 43 years, Graterford.
Maroon and younger sister Muriel Adam-El’s first time together in over 43 years, Graterford.

Feel free to contact us.

Connect with Maroon directly by writing to Russell Shoats #AF-3855, SCI-Graterford, P.O. Box 246 Route 29, Graterford, PA 19426 – 0246

Straight Ahead!
The Shoatz Family and Friends
December 2015


The Real Walking Dead

As many of your are no doubt aware, in recent years, Maroon has become a louder proponent of eco-socialism and food security, encouraging us to develop our capacity to locally and sustainably grow organic, healthy food, and in the process, unplug from the corporate food structure. In his latest essay, he expounds on this subject, writing:

“If you have not accepted that we are experiencing a mass extinction, like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, then count yourself amongst The Real Walking Dead.

Admittedly, this is a subject that is so mind-boggling, even those who are courageous enough to face the fact that there is an almost airtight scientific case leaving little room for doubt, generally themselves succumb to an overpowering fatalism, leading to escapism.

But those who profess to have “grabbed the bull by the horns” must, at minimum, strive to replace their dependence for food on the very system that is driving this destruction of life as we know it. If you are not moving towards food security, then face it: you too are one of the The Real Walking Dead!”

Read Maroon’s essay in full here 

sharon joy garden
Maroon’s sister Joy lifts up a tomato in front of the mural of their mother Gladys.

Maroon Garden Winter Clean-Up

In accord with Maroon’s latest writings on food security, we invite you to join family and friends at the Maroon Garden winter clean-up, on Sunday, December 6, at 10 a.m.

Located at Sayre Junior High School, on 58th and Locust in Philadelphia, the Maroon Garden aims to educate the local community around issues of ecological and food justice. Please come join us for a day of clean-up, in support of further developing this site as a thriving community resource. Bring weed wackers, heavy gardening tools, rakes, gloves, and plenty of muscle!

0fdd6c56-dbc7-4aab-90ef-b899a1bd3822Release Aging People From Prison

Longtime Maroon supporter etta cetera recently interviewed Mujahid Farid of the organization Release Aging People from Prison, about their five-point platform and the latest developments in efforts to gain the release of elderly prisoners.

Check out the Center for Justice at Columbia University’s new report “Aging In Prison: Reducing Elder Incarceration and Promoting Public Safety


We close by sending out our deep gratitude for your support, and our hope to celebrate greater victories with you in the days to come…

The Shoatz Family and Friends

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