Newsletters 2016

Maroon with Theresa and Hakeem, SCI Graterford, Father's Day, 2016January 2016 – Celebrating Two Years Since Maroon’s Release to General Prison Population

Report-back from the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee’s 20th Anniversary Political Prisoner Family Dinner, and Bryan Stevenson on Strategies for Justice

February 2016 – Big Victory for Maroon, Albert Woodfox image_quoteAlbert Woodfox! & Fashion Fundraiser

We bring you word of a tremendous development in Maroon’s suit against the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, an update on the recent release of long-held political prisoner Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, and a reminder about the Maroon Wear Fashion Freedom Fundraiser, coming up this weekend in Philadelphia.

ashanti biko menaMarch 2016 – New Court Date, Tribute to Mondo, Interview with Ashanti Alston

This month, we bring you another international media write-up on Federal Judge Cynthia Reed Eddy’s ruling in support of Maroon, a save-the-date for Maroon’s trial in Pittsburgh, a farewell to political prisoner Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langaan, a petition to support political prisoner Robert Seth Hayes, and part one of an audio interview with former political prisoner Ashanti Alston, regarding his own activism with the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army, and its connections to today’s Black Lives Matter movement.

April 2016 – Mobilizing for Pittsburgh Trial, Solitary Voices, Majid – Rise in Peace

solitarypanelMaroon’s forthcoming trial, a brief message on the recent passing of long-held political prisoner Abdul Majid, audio from a recent panel discussion on solitary confinement at the University of Pittsburgh Law School (including Albert Woodfox and Robert King), and part two of an interview with former political prisoner Ashanti Alston, regarding presidential politics, parenting, and Palestine.

June 2016 – Maroon‘s Trial Cancelled, Left Forum Report & Commutation Reform

Report back from the Left Forum in New York City, attended by Maroon’s daughters, Sharon and Theresa; a June 23rd save-the-date for a PA parole reform support action organized by the Campaign to Restore Meaningful Commutation; and our farewells to Wonda Jones and Afeni Shakur, beloved and recently departed movement sheroes.

July 2016 – Maroon’s Win, Commutation, Parole for Lifers and Toxic Prisons

Maroon’s lawsuit settlement with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and brief report baIMG_7080cks from both the Campaign to Restore Meaningful Commutation’s recent meeting with Pennsylvania state officials and the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons’ recent convergence in Washington D.C.

img_0551Black August 2016 Black Lives Matter

A message from Maroon to the Black Lives Matter movement, information and artwork Ernest Nedab, AKA Brother Yaquin, and a photo essay featuring Albert Woodfox and Robert King of the Angola 3.


October 2016 Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration Mobilizes at the State Capital in Harrisburg

On October 18th, over 200 people traveled to the State Capitol for the Day of Action to End Death By Incarceration (aka Life Without Parole) and to support House Bill 2135, which would make people serving life sentences eligible for parole after 15 years. We held a rally on the steps of the Capitol, and visited dozens of legislators, bringing a clear message that Death By Incarceration sentencing harms our communities.

cadbi legislatures-cadbi