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Memories of Maroon by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Listen to Mumia Abu Jamal’s new radio piece about Maroon on Prison Radio.

2 thoughts on “Audio & Video

    Greetings, My dear Brother this is one of your baby sisters writing to you to let you know that I am now teaching my students in the Juvenile Justice Center about who and what your vision and mission is in life.
    The students at the beginning wouldn’t believe that you truly were my eldest brother and that the book to them was just another book to read to students struggling with literacy; however, when they view your video and heard your comments, the students struggled to try to make sense of the words in the book for now you are a mentored to them from a distance.
    THEY ARE STRUGGLING to write letters to you, asking questions and they will be sent to you as written directly to you with love.
    Stay tuned for future voices from PJJSC.
    LOVE Joy!

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