June 10 – July 29, 2015

Chronology of Major Health Problems

(Continued from June 10, 2015)

Note: This will be the final report because as you will read below, thankfully, I have overcome the “major health problems” that I have been wrestling with.

  1. It’s been eight weeks since my last radiation therapy session, and as Dr. K forecasted, I have gotten better and better. Namely, my long-running inability to go for over an hour without having to relieve my bladder is completely gone. In fact, I feel as well as I have in that area since I was a young man.
  1. Still have to take about a dozen different associated medications, and my daughter Sharon has faithfully researched and provided me with detailed information on all of them. So far the side effects are not ones that cause alarm.
  1. Had a teleconference with Dr. Molhatra, who oversees cancer-related cases for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. He said they would closely monitor me, and that I would have to take blood tests and related medications for at least the next two years. I was also told by Dr. Klemick at the prison that I should expect to be taken to an outside hospital for CAT Scans within a year. Otherwise I can always sign up for “sick call” and be seen by someone within the prison the following day.

Major Eye Problems

There will be no need for legal action in this area, because on July 6, 2015, I was taken out and had the much-needed and struggled-for cataract surgery on my right eye. The following day I was again taken out for a follow-up examination, and all of that went well. Since then I have been administering two different eye-drop solutions, and will finish with those next week. Otherwise, I am now seeing even better with that eye than I am with my cataract surgery-corrected left eye!

All and all I am now feeling and seeing better than I have in a very long time. I will be provided with new reading glasses in the near future, and can manage with the old glasses until then. Thus I am gradually increasing my ability to function on all levels.

Gonna close by thanking everyone who has helped me and my family members prevail on the prison establishment to provide me with proper health care services. And you can depend on me to continue my decades-old efforts geared towards struggling for human rights.

Straight Ahead!


July 29, 2015