Dead Prez for Maroon! Sept 26th Philly

prezsmalAs apart of the new PSA series for Russell Maroon Shoatz

Dead Prez will be performing! Date Changed to 26th

The Blockley – 3801 Chestnut Street Doors at 8pm

$20 in Advance – More at the door —Buy Tickets Here


3 thoughts on “Dead Prez for Maroon! Sept 26th Philly

  1. Maroon this is comrad outlaw from VA. i just got out.i know that you have a very robust support network so i wont be so pretentious as to offer my lone assistance as something exceptional. but im out here -for all my comrads in prison. i do want to meet dead prez but i got time. otherwise, remain STRONG. i know that you may feel small and insignificant at times but remember that anytime a new blood steps on this path called revolution they will inevitably be confronted not just by the forces of oppression and reppression, they will also be challenged to live up to the standard that you have firmly set as a black revolutionary. i want to make it to your b-day event later this month but we`ll see. you got all my respect and with that said i salute you in struggle outlaw

    1. Greeting comrade this is Russell Shoatz 3rd Maroon’s son. Thankz for reachin out will link you with Dead Prez next time the in Philly… Where are you located???? Join the Global campaign to free Maroon. Set meetings, Raise awareness, start a Fb, Twitter, Instasgram, do an event ect…

  2. trhanks for getting back to me. i was unable to attend russells’ bday party but im sure everything worked out,right? im located in richmond va. In terms of my helping maroon, just let me know what i need to do. You know rashid from the nabpp? Well he is experiencing some extra difficulty right now so ill be helping him too. look forward to hearing from you! outlaw

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